TED NUGENT Is Already Working On Follow-Up To 'Shutup&Jam!'


Legendary rocker Ted Nugent hasn’t even released his latest album, “Shutup&Jam!”, but the Motor City Madman told VH1 Radio Network‘s Dave Basner that he’s already got the follow-up effort in the works. The Nuge explained what he has planned for his next CD.

“I’m already into 20 songs for my next record,” he said. “The next record will be called ‘Everything’ and the titles are ‘Sex Is Everything’, ‘Freedom Is Everything’, ‘Attitude Is Everything’, ‘Spirit Is Everything’, ‘My Dogs Are Everything’, ‘Guns Are Everything’, ‘Barbecue Is Everything’. Every song on the next record is going to be ‘Da-Da-Da is Everything.’ It’s a lot of bluesy type songs and I’m going to see if Steven Tyler and Kid Rock and will sing some with me.”

“Shutup&Jam!” is due out Tuesday, July 8 on Frontiers Records. This release marks the first all-new studio album from the Motor City Madman in seven years. Nugent leads the pack of renowned musicians, handling guitar and vocal duties, alongside bassist Greg Smith, drummer Mick Brown and longtime musical cohort guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes. Special guest Sammy Hagar brings his vocal power to “She’s Gone”.

Nugent was recently named Detroit’s Greatest Guitar Player Of All Time by readers of MLive.

“Shutup&Jam!” track listing:

01. Shutup&Jam!
02. Fear Itself
03. Everything Matters
04. She’s Gone
05. Never Stop Believing
06. I Still Believe
07. I Love My Bbq
08. Throttledown
09. Do-Rags And A .45
10. Screaming Eagles
11. Semper Fi
12. Trample The Weak Hurdle The Dead
13. Never Stop Believing (Blues)