TALLAH Unveil Psychotic Anthem With New Video “Overconfidence”

Following a premiere on Knotfest.com, “Overconfidence” joins Tallah‘s extensive back catalogue of Matriphagy video singles released thus far, including “The Silo”, “We, The Sad”, “Red Light” and “Placenta”.

Conceptually, “Overconfidence” sits just before the band’s previous single, “Placenta”, serving to set up its themes of cutting loose from all the pressures, fears, insecurities and anything holding you down, controlling you, and not letting you be your free, unashamed self.

To do that, however, you first need some awareness – which is where Tallah‘s latest single comes into play. “Overconfidence” tackles the need to realize your flaws and grow to accept them, own them, and use them to become the best possible version of yourself.
“Obviously, this is easier said than done, but the point is to acknowledge your weaknesses and turn them into strengths”, comments Tallah vocalist Justin Bonitz. “This in itself is a positive message, but the song is called, “Overconfidence” not “Confidence,” meaning that the song has a darker undertone based around turning that “self-actualization” into an arrogance, which ends up slashing your heel and making things worse.”

“We are really excited about this song, it just has this killer chorus, cool-ass verses, and a Walmart-trashing breakdown”, the vocalist continues, speaking directly of the track’s musical and lyrical fury. “Recording it was so much fun, and we truly think it has the potential to be one of our greatest hits on this album, competing with crowd favorites like ‘Placenta’ and ‘We, The Sad’. The rapping is really fun, the drums are all over the place, the bass spits fire, and the guitar riffs will 100% get stuck in your head.”

Presenting yet more of the twisted narrative underlining their forthcoming debut concept album Matriphagy, the act set to #MAKEMETALDISTURBINGAGAIN features Youtube sensation Justin Bonitz and second generation drummer Max Portnoy at the songwriting helm.

Of the band’s latest single, Portnoy offers;“‘Overconfidence’ takes the Tallah sound that we’ve established in the past and expands upon it. The song is constantly driving, and gives a look into our much heavier sound, while still being one of our more commercial songs.”

During a recently unveiled videoBonitz kicked off a series serving to outline the concept of Matriphagy and each of its tracks. This week, the band have released further videos for album tracks “[redacted]”, “No One Should Read This”, “Kungan” and, as of the release of this latest single, “Overconfidence”.

Tallah recently announced that they have signed with K2 Agency. They join a roster with the likes of Metallica, Gojira, Mastodon and more – meaning fans should get excited for Tallah‘s touring efforts in 2021.

Matriphagy is available to pre order from Earache’s website, including limited edition vinyl, signed editions and merch bundles. For more updates on Matriphagy, follow the band on social media. For more from the Earache Records roster, check out their website.