According to The Pulse Of Radio, the battle rages on between Paul Stanley and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame who have finally decided to induct KISS‘ founding members and classic lineup, Paul StanleyGene SimmonsAce Frehley, and Peter Criss in its 2014 class. Stanley posited an open message on to counter Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation CEO Joel Peresman‘s explanation to Billboard, as to why the Rock Hall is inducting KISS‘ classic ‘70s lineup — and only that lineup.

Peresman explained that the decision making process is decided by the Rock Hall‘s nominating committee “as well as an adjunct group of scholars and historians… This isn’t chemistry or physics; it’s not an exact science. Sometimes there’s an entire body of work up until (the artists) are inducted, other times it’s a specific period of time that established the band as who they are. With KISS, there wasn’t one person here who didn’t agree that the reason KISS was nominated and is being inducted was because of what was established in the ’70s with Ace, with Peter, with Paul and Gene. That’s what put them on that map.”

Peresman touched upon why current members, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, are not eligible for induction: “(KISS) is a unique situation where you have artists who wear makeup as part of what the band’s about. (Singer and Thayer) are fine musicians who… basically have the same makeup and are the same characters that Ace and Peter started. It’s not like they created these other characters with different makeup and playing different songs. They took the persona of characters that were created by Ace and Peter.”

Paul Stanley‘s response to Peresman‘s statement as posted on

“The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame continues to attempt to restore its questionable credibility and glimpses behind the facade with nonsense and half truths.

“The truth is Joel Peresman and the rest of the decision makers refused to consider the induction of ANY former KISS members and specifically the late Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick who were both in the band through multi-platinum albums and worldwide tours and DIDN’T wear makeup.

“There is no getting around the reality that the Hall Of Fame‘s favoritism and preferential treatment towards artists they like goes as far as ASKING the GRATEFUL DEAD how many members THEY wanted the hall to induct and following their directive while also including a songwriter who was never in the actual band.

“Let’s just accept the truth as it is and move on.”

Paul Stanley told The Pulse Of Radio that for the April 10 induction ceremonies in Brooklyn, the Rock Hall was unbending in its decision to ignore the other members of KISS that joined following Peter Criss and Ace Frehley‘s respective departures.

“Bringing up the idea of inducting other members other than the original four, which is a very valid argument considering that there are people that played on multi-platinum albums and played for millions of people and were very important to the continuation of this band,” he said. “The fact that when this was brought up, it was shut down as a non-starter. I don’t appreciate that as somebody who is a self-appointed expert.”