ONSLAUGHT Shred Through “Religiousuicide” in New Guitar Playthrough

UK thrash metal innovators ONSLAUGHT have presented a new guitar playthrough video for “Religiousuicide,” the first single from the band’s upcoming Generation Antichrist album, set for the release on August 7 via AFM Records.

Watch the video now via Guitar World at this location.

“Probably the most intense track from the Generation Antichrist album, it’s a full-on relentless MF from start to finish,” says guitarist Wayne Dorman“We used a cool Chromatic pattern for the main riff before the fireworks kick in on the verses. It’s a hard workout to nail it super tight and I really had to get my shit together. Dave Garnett, our vocalist, shared the solo duties with me on this one. I really dig the contrast between the two styles, it’s definitely a scorcher. I’m gonna be tabbing this one out sometime soon for this who are interested.”

“Religiousuicide” was recorded using Caparison C2 and Solar A Series guitars with the Neural DSP Fortin Cali Suite plugin for the guitar tones.

Guitarist and founding member Nige Rockett previously noted that “Religiousuicide” “is one of the most intense, hate filled songs that ONSLAUGHT has ever written and it’s definitely one for the pit!” Watch the official lyric video.

ONSLAUGHT also recently revealed the second single from Generation Antichrist, “Bow Down to the Clowns,” along with its menacing travelling circus-inspired video. Check out the video.

ONSLAUGHT’s long-awaited new album was recorded at Dugout Studios in Uppsala, Sweden, with Grammy Award winning Daniel Bergstrand (BehemothIn Flames, and Meshuggah) at the helm, capturing the innovative band’s classic sound with a pristine modern production. On first listen, tracks such as the vicious album opener, “Strike Fast Strike Hard,” “Bow Down To The Clowns,” and “Religiousuicide” pin ears to the speakers and prove that a move to involve Bergstrand has given ONSLAUGHT an edge that even their definitive ‘80s years couldn’t quite capture. Generation Antichrist is the first album to feature new vocalist Dave Garnett, who has stepped in on occasion to perform live with ONSLAUGHT.

ONSLAUGHT was formed in Bristol, England, in 1983 by Rockett and bassist Paul HillInfluenced by second-generation hardcore punk bands, the group was also shaped by a desire to incorporate a more metallic sound, quickly developing ONSLAUGHT’s own defined and original style. The band went on to release Power From Hell (1985), The Force (1986), In Search Of Sanity (1989), and after a long hiatus, Killing Peace (2007), Sounds Of Violence (2011) and VI (2013). By 2019, ONSLAUGHT had been touring for an amazing five years in support of VI and the 30th anniversary of The Force.

Pre-orders for Generation Antichrist are available at this location.