Nomadic Metal Compilation, “Sound of the Raging Steppe”, Streaming in Full Now

A new compilation of music by Nomadic Chinese metal bands entitled Sound of the Raging Steppe – curated by Global Music Award-winning TENGGER CAVALRY frontman and bandleader Nature Ganganbaigaali – will be released in digital-only format this Friday, November 16 via TENGGER CAVALRY‘s independent label, Tengger X Cavalry Recordings. Blending the potent heaviness of metal with the multi-faceted sounds of World Music, Sound of the Raging Steppe features Chinese metal bands Tengger Cavalry, Suld, Liberation, Sintas and Nan.

Today, fans can stream the compilation in its entirety via Noisey! Listen here.

The compilation will be available via Spotify, Google Play and iTunes upon release, but pre-orders for Sound of the Raging Steppe are available now via Bandcamp here.

Check out an album teaser here.

Hailing from Beijing and Hohhot – two major cities located in northern China that share thousands of years of nomadic history – five Mongolian and Kazakh folk-influenced heavy metal bands have come together to provide a stampede of horseback-heavy sound – weaving an untold story of Chinese history that smashes public stereotypes.

Suld was formed in Hohhot and rooted in Chinese Mongolian culture with Native Mongolian language and Metallica-esque folk metal style.

Nan hails from Beijing with their strong Kazakh heritage. Combining the sounds of bands like Korn and Kazakh folk, they are making big noise in China. Check out a recent music video here.

Liberation is a newly formed metalcore band featuring Mongolian lyrics and vocals and based in Hohhot. Bringing an aggressive energy, they are working on their first studio album in China.

Sintas is a Kazakh folk influenced rock band from the XinJiang area with Pink Floyd influenced post rock riffs and native folk instruments. Sintas is taking over China with new hybrid sound.

Nature Ganganbaigaali created Tengger X Cavalry Recordings with the goal of supporting nomadic musicians from his homeland of China, and also to expand the minds of the metal fanbase to new international sounds accenting the genre.

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