NANOWAR OF STEEL Releases “Sneeztem of a Yawn”

NANOWAR OF STEEL are well known for perfectly fitting songwriting for every occasion, so it appears more than obvious that their new single “Sneeztem of a Yawn” is just the right song to accompany every metal fan through these difficult times – with a little dose of humor of course!
The full power of metal riffs blasts from the very first minute while the intense lyrics of the insanely catchy chorus turn the song into an epic masterpiece that will never ever leave your head again. It doesn’t need many words, as coughing and sneezing makes “Sneeztem of a Yawn” another hypnotizing hit anthem created by NANOWAR OF STEEL!
NANOWAR OF STEEL on “Sneeztem of a Yawn”:
“This video embodies the essence of the COVID19-induced lockdown, both in its visual and lyrical aspects. While our mental conditions were deteriorating – as if they were not critical enough already – due to the restrictive isolation measures, we chose to escape and find a way out through music. We could not just sit down, sever our ties with the outside world and wait for electronic appliances to become our best friends. We had to react and express our pain through art.
This time, for the first time, we chose to keep our lyrics devoid of jokes and puns, and tried to deliver a text that conveys to our listener the feelings of hollowness, boredom, sickness and uneasiness we’ve been enduring universal manner, with words that everyone can understand and identify with. This required an exceptional poetic effort from our side, which we hope our listeners can appreciate and understand. Warning: this video contains disturbing images of our alienating daily routine.”
Watch the official video for “Sneeztem of a Yawn” HERE.