MÖTLEY CRÜE Puts Their Twist On MADONNA’s “Like A Virgin”

Strange covers come around and this is by far one that if you told me would happen I would’ve called you crazy. Yet here I am sharing it with you.

Today Mötley Crüe revealed their version of Madonna’s hit “Like A Virgin” as the latest tease leading up to the release of the bands biopic The Dirt coming soon to Netflix.

The even stranger part is it actually seems to work in some weird way. Sure I’ve seen some haters out there bashing it but you’re going to have that nowadays but to me it’s like something that if you try to think about you logic tells you that it’ll never work but yet here it is and to me it works.

Is it a complete remake? Definitely not. Is it an exact copy just by guys? Again, no. It’s just done with the right amount of both that it works.

Here it is rockers so judge for yourself.