LIVING MACHINES Expand On Their Sci-Fi Lore With Their First Comic Book

Progressive metalcore champions Living Machines beckon you to enter their sci-fi Gemini universe this fall with the release of their first single issue comic book, Gemini: After Onyx, Issue 1. Comparable in some respects to the band Coheed and Cambria’s comic book The Amory Wars, Living Machines drummer Quinn McGraw built the series idea upon an original vision he had of a flooded world with riots taking place on one of the last remaining floating cities.

All of Living Machines‘ music exists in the Gemini universe; an ever expanding original world explored through the bands aggressive tracks & accompanying videos. The first issue of the comic book, published by Splice Comics, will complete the bands multi tiered approach to storytelling. McGraw explains the significance of Gemini and its influence on upcoming album II: Inferius:“As far as the story goes, ‘Harvest’ [the bands latest single] is the first part of the main story-arc for Gemini (taking place roughly 40 years after The Great Collision). Our first EP serves as a prologue and was mostly written to establish the world, introduce the alien race that coexists with humanity (the Aluna) and a pair of key characters. Now that the world has been built, we dive head first into a new tale that will span our next 5-6 albums and comic books; which will be an entire story arc for the universe and its characters!” 

The 24 page debut Gemini: After Onyx, Issue 1 is available for purchase now via Splice Comics!