Let's Give "That Metal Show" A Little Turbo Boost


As you may (or may not know) it was announced by VH1 Classic that That Metal Show is coming back in January with season 13. And it was also announced that the show is returning home to where it started…NEW YORK CITY.

We here at Bullspike Radio have been fans and supporters of That Metal Show since day one. It is a huge part of keeping rock and metal alive in the mainstream media and proving that rock and metal is alive and well despite what some might say.

Our very own Turbo has been lucky enough to interview Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson on his show THE ASYLUM. And that got us to thinking.

We here at Bullspike Radio do our best to bring you everything in the world of rock and metal; undies to major label bands. And we realize that we, like many other internet stations, are now as much a part of the industry as satellite and FM radio. And our very own Turbo works hard each and every week to bring you his views on the local music scene, national scene, and keep your ears loaded with a fresh show of music. He’s even syndicated on two other stations on the Internet with more to come.

So we’d like to ask YOU to help us get our very own Turbo booked as a guest on season 13 on That Metal Show now that it’s back in New York. How can you help us do this you ask? Tweet @VH1Classic and @ThatMetalShow and tell them you wanna see our Turbo (@TheRealTurbo) on That Metal Show and use the hashtag #TurboOnTMS. You can also post on the VH1 Classic Facebook page (www.facebook.com/vh1classic) and the That Metal Show Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thatmetalshow)and tell them you want to see Turbo from Bullspike Radio as a guest and continue to use the hashtag of #TurboOnTMS.

That’s it! Just do that and get everyone you know to do it too. Let’s get #TurboOnTMS.

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