KXM Featuring KORN, KING'S X, Ex-DOKKEN Members Putting 'Final Touches' On Debut Album


KXM, the new project featuring drummer Ray Luzier (KORN), bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick (KING’S X) and guitarist George Lynch (LYNCH MOBDOKKEN), will head into the studio this coming weekend to to “put a few final touches” on their upcoming debut release, due later in the year via Rat Pak Records.

Says the label: “The songs are truly amazing. Ray‘s drumming sounds like three-dimensional thunder, George‘s guitar playing will leave you to wonder if he’s really playing through an amp or if he’s directly plugged into some kind universal energy that only the guitar gods have access to… Then add in Doug Pinnick, who brings his rock-solid bass grooves, intelligible lyrics and seasoned songwriting talents to the table…

“No hype and no joke, KXM is the real deal and you are going to love this album!”
In a recent interview with the “Talking Metal” podcast,

Lynch stated about how KXM came together: “When you are in the music scene here, especially in Southern California, you run into everyone, everybody loves everybody, it’s a mutual admiration society. You’re hanging out, you are playing gigs and you run into your buds and your friends, and invariably, with all of us, it’s, like, ‘Let’s form a project, let’s do something together,’ because, ya know, we all want to play together and usually it never goes anywhere, but this time it actually did. It’s really amazing. Things lined up.

Doug has been… The first time I heard KING’S X with ‘Out Of The Silent Planet’ and ‘Gretchen Goes to Nebraska’, oh, to me, he was the benchmark. This is the guy that I was born to play with, ya know? He has got it all. He comes from gospel roots, he’s got the blues thing, he just does it all. I just knew would be a natural fit. Doug is so good he’s a natural fit with anybody. He is a self-contained machine. He’s got that very unique bass attack and sound and obviously his vocal styling. He is a poet. He is a great lyricist. A great frontman, the whole nine yards. And Ray and I have been in other little projects and have done things together. We would always touch base but never really got serious.

“I don’t remember exactly how this all fell together.

“We all have limited time being that were all in other projects but we said, ‘Let’s really, really do this and quit talking about it.'”

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