KITTIE To Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Documentary DVD, Box Set, Official Biography

Canadian metal band KITTIE has launched a campaign to raise funds to produce a 20th-anniversary documentary DVD featuring never-before-seen footage and a tell-all book that “digs deep to give [the fans] the story behind the music.”

Says the group: “For 20 years we have given our blood, our sweat, and our tears. We have toured the world, met thousands of amazing people, traveled a million miles, laughed with you, cried with you, screamed with you, waited out in the cold with you, bled with you and grown up with you. We have defied the rules, the status quo and sometimes even each other. We have broken the mould by which metal had cast for us and sprinkled its shards kicking and screaming across 5 continents, 6 albums and thousands of shows.

“Whether we have been there for 2 years, or for 20, you have stood by us. We have done all these things together, with you, and now it is time to give back to you, to say thank you for 20 years of your continued love, support and understanding. We have seen it all together, but what you know is only half the story.”

“So here is what’s happening, and what your contribution will be going towards. First, we will be compiling our personal footage, concerts and events over the past 20 years, to bring you the be all and end all of career-spanning KITTIE documentaries. We are opening up our archives to you; to give you an inside look at what it has been like to be in this band, through our eyes, for the last 20 years. From day one to the present: Recordings, shows, backstage…it’s all there. We will be entrusting My Good Eye Productions, a friend and the director of our last 4 videos, with the footage, to help us edit and direct. His fee, as well as travel, equipment, and crew costs over the next year will be upwards of $15,000.

“We are also excited to announce that we will be working with Mark Eglinton, who has had recent success with Rex Brown of PANTERA’s book, to pen our band biography. This is the story you have never heard, and will not believe! To get Mark started on the process of writing and pitching to publishing houses, he will need $4,000.

“The rest of the money will be used to print, design and manufacture all of the awesome perks you see at the [Indiegogo site]. We are once again opening up the KITTIE archives and raising the dead with old shirt designs, long-lost and out-of-print recordings, and rare and new items to give you a piece of where we came from, and a glimpse at where we are headed.

“If, for some reason, we do fall short of out goal, the funds we do raise will still go to the making of the book and documentary. We are completing this project regardless, because we feel that we owe this piece of ourselves and our history to you. We will find a way to get this amazing project to you no matter the outcome. We always do.

“We cannot thank you enough or tell you what you mean to us personally, so this gesture will have to do. You have stood by us through EVERYTHING, and we truly owe you for being the most amazing and loyal fans and friends a band could possibly ask for. So here it is! Our hearts and stories on our sleeves. Let’s make the 20th anniversary of KITTIE one to never forget, together!”

KITTIE released a best-of compilation, “Not So… Safe”, in September 2012 via eOne Music. The collection featured tracks from the band’s records “Spit” (1999), “Oracle” (2001), “Safe” (2002), “In The Black” (2009) and “I’ve Failed You” (2011).

KITTIE’s latest album, “I’ve Failed You”, sold 3,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 178 on The Billboard 200 chart.

The band’s previous CD, “In The Black”, opened with around 3,400 units back in 2009 to land at No. 132.

KITTIE’s fourth album, “Funeral for Yesterday”, registered a first-week tally of 9,000 in February 2007 to enter the chart at No. 101.

“I’ve Failed You” was released on August 30, 2011 via eOne Music. The CD was recorded at Beach Road Studios in Goderich, Ontario, Canada. The band once again worked with producer Siegfried “Siggy” Meier, who helmed “In The Black”.