KING'S X Frontman To Undergo Second Hernia Surgery


KING’S X frontman Doug “Dug” Pinnick had to be rushed to the hospital last night after the band’s show in North Carolina and is going to require further surgery and recovery from his hernia. As a result, the group will be unable to play the concert tonight in Springfield, Virginia.

Says Pinnick: “Last night in Charlotte, something happened relating to my recent operation. The pain was so bad I went into shock so they rushed me to the ER. We barely finished the show, but it was an awesome crowd and we had fun.

“I was disappointed that I had to leave the meet-and-greet; it’s one of my favorite things at a KING’S X show, meeting all the people.

“I’m better today, but have to get another operation to fix the problem. The doctor said it could be life-threatening if I don’t get this taken care of. So I have to get another operation.

“I’m so sorry we had to cancel D.C.! But we will be back.”

Pinnick underwent hernia surgery on July 3 after avoidning it due to the fact that he didn’t have health insurance. He had toured, recorded and rehearsed regardless of his painful condition.

GiveForward campaign to help raise funds for Pinnick‘s surgery was launched this past spring and it raised more than $26,000 from 599 donations.

Pinnick released his new solo album, “Naked”, on May 7 via RockArmy Records. The CD is described in a press release as “deeply personal and overflowing with [Pinnick‘s] unmistakable tone, groove, and heart-wrenching vocals. PEARL JAM‘s Jeff Ament said that ‘heavy music didn’t start in Seattle, it started in Katy, Texas with KING’S X‘ and ‘Naked’ is proof that Pinnick remains at the top of his game.”

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