KILLCODE To Record With Producer Joey Z From LIFE OF AGONY!


New York City bad ass Rockers KILLCODE have announced that this February they will be entering the studio with producer/musician/icon Joey Z (LIFE OF AGONY, CARNIVORE, STEREOMUD) to record some NEW music!

Here is the band’s official statement:

We’re happy to announce that :::KILLCODE::: is entering the recording studio once again and behind the controls will be none other than Joey Z.!!!! Y’all know Joey as the guitarist from the legendary Life of Agony, Carnivore and from Stereomud but Mr.Z also has an impressive record behind the mixing boards working with bands like BRAND NEW SIN, SWORN ENEMY, MISERY, THE GREATEST FEAR, SPOILER NYC and DIESEL AMERICA.

He also recorded veterans like H20 and SICK OF IT ALL, and even had the almighty ANTHRAX roll through the studio in 2008. :::KILLCODE::: is slotted to press record the first week of February and wait until you get a load of the new stuff! We promise it is Bigger, Faster and Louder than anything we’ve done before! Of course, it will still be all :::KILLCODE::: but, get those horns ready!