Jimmy Page Allegedly Turned Down Zeppelin Reunion at 12.12.12 Concert


Even though some of rock’s biggest acts performed at the 12.12.12 concert to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, there was one legendary rocker who allegedly refused to do the show.

The Huffington Post reports that movie producer Harvey Weinstein recently revealed during a Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival that Robert Plant was on board to do a Led Zeppelin reunion. Following a screening of the documentary “12.12.12” Weinstein told the audience that Plant agreed to perform at the show if Jimmy Page was there. However, not even President Barack Obama could convince Page to perform. “Jimmy Page struck out Obama and Bill Clinton,” Weinstein said. “That will live on in infamy.”

Weinstein’s account seems to put the blame on the shoulders of Page. It was previously reported in a New York Daily News article that the band turned down former President Bill Clinton’s invite.

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