ITSOKTOCRY Drops Nightmarish New Video For “Mockingbirds Bleed Black”

Denver’s eclectic multi-talented musician ITSOKTOCRY has just dropped a feverish, nightmare fuel video for his latest single, “MOCKINGBIRDS BLEED BLACK,” from the newly released record, Destroy All Monsters!, that’s out now on Cleopatra Records.

ITSOKTOCRY plays by his own rules. On the new song, the unconventional artist bypasses all preconceived notions and standard boundaries that govern typical music. He bends and blends genres of hip-hop, metal and electronica with angst and ease as he creates a unique style of music that’s fresh and both inviting and terrifying at the same time.


Commenting on the single, ITSOKTOCRY states: “‘Mockingbirds Bleed Black’ is a very emotional song. It paints a picture of my life, being aware that the old fans still wish I was miserable and on drugs. They liked the way my old music sounded and they don’t care what I’m going through nor do they care about my happiness. They want what makes good music … intense emotion based on my experience. And in some sort of f****d up, self-fulfilling prophecy I try to just do my own thing and be happy but the mindset of misery the listeners want always ends up coming to fruition in one way or another. But I’m hyper aware of this now so I just don’t care at all and that’s why half the song I just say F*** them all . Cause I no longer care about the opinions of people that want me to be miserable. Being able to transfer my feelings into a song gave me the ability to let go of those feelings and truly evolve as a person. Basically in less words it was therapy for me to make.”

Hailing from Denver, the artist known as ITSOKTOCRY is simply one of the most unique talents working in music today. His style has been described as dark electronic, a rock/rap hybrid that sounds like a future Nine Inch Nails. Framed by his iconic green hair, the ITSOKTOCRY musical persona is a collision of cutesy, emoticon-laden innocence and deeply felt torment that absolutely commands your attention.

Originally a part of JOULE$’ underground hip hop association Dio Collective, by late 2015 ITSOKTOCRY was running with HEARTBREAKK CLUBB, a loose collection of rappers, artists and producers, including Yunggoth and the soon to be posthumous megastar LIL PEEP. Peep and ITSOKTOCRY collaborated on several tracks, released primarily through Soundcloud, prior to Peep’s passing in in 2017 at the age of 21. But Peep wasn’t just a collaborator, he was also ITSOKTOCRY’s close personal friend whose loss still reverberates through both his music and lyrics.

With the recent releases of Poshboy and Destroy All Monsters!, and powerhouse indie label Cleopatra Records behind him, ITSOKTOCRY is ready to step into the spotlight.