Guitar Virtuoso STEVE DADAIAN Reveals Playthrough Video for “On Silver Shores”

Fast-rising fusion guitarist STEVE DADAIAN just released his new full-length concept album, Follow The Light, last Friday! In celebration, Ultimate Guitar has teamed up with Dadaian to premiere his new guitar playthrough video for the track “On Silver Shores”. Watch the video now via YouTube and Facebook.

STEVE DADAIAN says about “On Silver Shores”: “On Silver Shores is an important song on this record conceptually and technically. This song is the soundtrack to the location where the character finds himself in his journey of the album’s story. As a guitarist, I wanted the song’s pace to ebb and flow like ocean waves given the title and environment. This has some of my favorite chord changes and melodies on the record with perhaps the most technically demanding picking passages. The full album track really sets the stage.”

Featuring razor-sharp solos, theatrical, symphonic soundscapes and unforgettable melodies, Follow The Light starts strong with an ominous, movie-soundtrack-ready introduction preparing the listener for the album, aptly titled “The Journey Ahead”. The album wastes no time beginning its epic tale with the metal/jazz fusion track “Follow The Light”, and continues to flux amid orchestral-influenced pieces such as “Forest Requiem” and larger-than-life metal opuses like “Soul Connection”.

Follow The Light can be ordered via BandcampiTunes and Amazon. The physical version of Follow The Light also includes a written component, allowing the listener to follow the album’s epic story both on paper and in auditory form.

New Jersey native STEVE DADAIAN discovered his love for the guitar at a young age. Even while studying at the prestigious Columbia University in the city of New York, Dadaian continued to hone his craft as an artist. The then 21-year-old classically-trained guitarist spent the little spare time he had reaching top spots at national guitar competitions hosted by Slash, John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Jon Donais (AnthraxShadows Fall), performing at events with the likes of Yngwie MalmsteenSteve Vai, and Nicko McBrain, and dazzling crowds at venues like the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.