Don Jamieson of That Metal Show set to release new comedy album


These days, you almost can’t be a metal fan without knowing the guys on VH1’s That Metal Show and one of the hosts, Don Jamieson. What many may not know is that the guy is also a stand up comedian. And in typical metal style he has taken the cover and made it look like Judas Priest’s Hell Bent For Leather cover art and even titled the thing “Hell Bent For Laughter.” Well done, Don!

So what is all of this about, you ask? Don Jamieson is set to release his second album on March 18th on Metal Blade Records, it was recorded in December of 2013 at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Pleasant Beach, NJ. Fans can listen to the opening track from the album, including an intro from UFO’s Vinnie Moore and Jim Florentine at An iTunes versionwith an exclusive bonus track is also available for pre-order now.

“I’m really pumped to unleash my second stand-up comedy CD, ‘Hell Bent For Laughter,’on the masses. In this day and age of “fake outrage,” Metal Blade never asked me to tone it down or soften anything up. So I didn’t.” –Don Jamieson

Don Jamieson’s previous album, “Live and Hilarious“, debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Comedy Albums chart among albums from Louis C.K., Mike Birbiglia, Daniel Tosh and more. The album also debuted at #17 on the iTunes comedy charts.