DON CANYON Featuring CHANDLER MOGEL Release New Single “Dynasty”

“Dynasty” is the original debut single of DON CANYON. The track is a progressive energetic hard rock tune which refers to bullying and to the current broken generation. The band felt it an important message to share, coming from personal experience. The song refers to a child who was bullied throughout his childhood and who realized how cruel people can become. “Dynasty” refers to the hate he received from his surroundings and the current generation which often has an apathetic attitude towards this phenomenon, or this dynasty as the song is called.

Dynasty” features special guest singer and award-winning vocalist Chandler Mogel from the band OUTLOUD. The music and lyrics were written by DON CANYON members. The song is released on the band’s YouTube channel as a lyric video and it is available on Spotify, iTunes and all the relevant streaming platforms.

DON CANYON was formed in Cyprus in 2018 by Panos, who has a background in classical violin, with his brother Themis, where they self-recorded, filmed and edited their first instrumental track to air on YouTube. The track is from the well-known movie “Requiem fora Dream.” Panos had the initial idea to do a rock version of the track with his brother. Following that, the band released a second instrumental track called “Palladio” by Karl Jenkins, an orchestral piece where the band followed similar approach in a symphonic rock concept. Even though the song has no vocals the band’s intention as can be seen from their music video was to prevent suicide actions. Immediately after “Palladio”, the band released their debut single, an Anti-bullying song called Dynasty” featuring award winning vocalist Chandler Mogel from the band Outloud. The band’s intention is to spread awareness of the many social issues that our world currently faces including sensitive topics such as bullying, depression and suicide actions.The band’s focus is to spread their blend of rock music with classical tones to listeners in Europe and America. Guitarist Yegor has recently joined the brothers and the band is searching for a vocalist, with plans for starting to play live shows.