MATT SORUM's New Solo Album To Arrive In January

ImageDrummer Matt Sorum (GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER, THE CULT) tells that his new solo album will be released in January. “It’s much more introspective than my usual heavy rock stuff,” he says. It’s more of a singer-songwriter thing. I play acoustic guitar, and it’s a little mellower kind of album.” In a January 2013 interview with Music Radar, Sorum stated about his upcoming CD: “I started writing it within the last couple of years. I went out to the desert because of Gram Parsons and all those guys — you know, the Joshua Tree, Palm Springs area — and I had an amazing time working there. I went to a trippy old hotel and wrote eight songs in five days. A lot of people don’t know me as a songwriter, but I’ve always been a guitar player. I like to dabble with the acoustic. The stuff that I’ve written for VELVET REVOLVER — like ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Spectacle’ and a few on the first record — those were done on an acoustic. “I made a record with another guy called ‘Hollywood Zen’, and that was my first attempt to do my own thing. I was a bit nervous, though, so I can’t really say that it was my record — it’s a collaboration. My main goal on this record is to write everything myself. “What’s been happening with me is, I’m getting older, and I’m a different guy… I’m not on drugs and alcohol anymore. [laughs] I’m more spiritual. I’m thinking about the planet and caring about other people more, and I’ve got a charity… And that sparked a lot of lyrics. I have a song called ‘Lady Of The Stone’, which is about Mother Nature’s perspective on what’s happening to the planet. What would she say if she was watching? “I wrote another song called ‘Land Of The Pure’. I was very struck by what happened with the girl Malala [Yousafza] from Pakistan. I wrote it about the girls in Pakistan — young girls all over the world — who are not being allowed to be educated. I’m going to have a singer named Atif Aslam, who’s from Pakistan, sing on it. That’s very eclectic. There’s going to be a lot of percussion and orchestration. People are going to trip to it.” “For the second part of my trip, I hung out on the beach. I stayed at a little hotel called the Surf and Sand Hotel — I used to go there in the early ’70s with my grandparents. While there, I wrote a song called ‘The Sea’. I remembered how much I loved the beach as a kid. Nothing seems to matter when you’re on the beach. “I wrote another song there called ‘Blue’. I was thinking, Why does the word ‘blue’ always mean sadness? I wrote it as a positive thing — the sky, the water. It’s a Tom Petty-meets-David Gray kind of song. It’s pretty cool. “And I wrote a song called ‘Josephine’, which is my grandmother’s name. She and my grandfather were married for 69 years. The song is about him being in the orchestra pit, he was in the band, and her being a ballerina. They met in the 1920s. My grandmother just turned 100. The song is going to be all orchestra and piano. It’s an ode to them.” Asked why he doesn’t play drums on the album, he said: “I feel like it’s not right for this record. I want to have a producer’s perspective, so I don’t want to sit there and analyze my drumming. I’ve been rehearsing the band, I put a great band together. I’ve got a drummer named Brian MacLeod, who’s played with everyone from Sheryl Crow to Linda Perry — he’s been on tons of records. He’s got more of that gift. I’m a rock drummer, but I can play other styles. He can play more organic, singer-songwriter stuff. As light as I play, I have a sound that might be more rock.”

"DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY" Exclusive Song Stream on Absolute Punk!

Available October 1st on Trev Records!!!

GANG GREEN was the most raucous and explosive hardcore punk band in Boston from 1982-1986. “DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY” is a new compilation release of five old-school Boston punk, rock, and hardcore bands from the 1980’s and 1990’s. This collection will be released OCTOBER 1st on Trev Records!

If you would like to win a copy of the album, there is a contest going on right now at

This release includes GANG GREEN’S original 1985 version of the classic song “Let’s Drink Some Beer”.  This rare studio recording has never been available on CD before and was co-written by Dicky Barrett from Jimmy Kimmel Live! and THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES fame.  Today the song is being premiered exclusively via Absolute Punk.  Check it out HERE.

Glen Stilphen the man behind “DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY” and Trev Recordscommented on the original version of “Let’s Drink Some Beer”

“The original version of “Let’s Drink Some Beer” was recorded in 1985 around the same time that the band recorded their most successful record, Another Wasted Night. The song was written by Dicky Barrett from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Jimmy Kimmel Live! along with Chris Doherty while they were both in a band called The Cheapskates in Boston. After The Cheapskates broke up in 1984, Chris brought the song over to Gang Green rehearsal. With its beer theme and high tempo, it was a perfect fit for the band. The drummer during this era of Gang Green was Walter Gustafson, one of the best in Boston during the 1980’s. He is largely responsible for the explosiveness of this track. His drum break in the middle flows perfectly and actually has proven to be what actually makes this song work. Later attempts to record this track never came close to the soul of this original recording due to these drumming differences. The best tracks ever recorded by Gang Green were recorded with Walter on drums.”

SMEGMA + THE NUNZ featured members of hardcore legends GANG GREEN, and THE FREEZE with, Alec Steere, former vocalist for LEPER, who are considered to be Boston’s very first hardcore band. Following Leper, SMEGMA + THE NUNZ became one of the most outrageous and most blasphemous bands in Boston in the early 80’s. For the first time, here are five rare demo recordings by this now-infamous Boston punk band.

Chuck Stilphen (guitar) and Walter Gustafson (drums) were members of SMEGMA + THE NUNZ, The FREEZE, and also recorded with Glen Stilphen (bass) in GANG GREEN and MALLET HEAD. Chuck and Glen also appear with the bands SCRATCH and CELEBRITY DEATH CERTIFICATE, which also features Erich Thaler, from the influential Boston-based alt-metal band, STOMPBOX, who released the landmark album Stress on Columbia Records in 1994.

“DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY” is dedicated to vocalist, Alec Steere aka “Smegma”, who was tragically hit by a train in 1999.

This killer collection of Boston Punk Rock can be pre-ordered on Amazon, iTunes and from


1. Smegma and the Nunz – “Bourgeois Lad”

2. Smegma and the Nunz – “Joke’s On You”

3. Gang Green (1985) – “The Original Let’s Drink Some Beer”

4. Celebrity Death Certificate – “First Nickel”

5. Celebrity Death Certificate – “Dead Reckoning”

6. Scratch – “Waysde”

7. Scratch – “Centralia”

8. Mallet Head – “Give and Take”

9. Mallet Head – “Mother Sunshine” (Live)

10. Scratch – “El Monstro”

11. Smegma and the Nunz – “Insanity”

12. Smegma and the Nunz – “Napalm Sticks to Kids”

13. Smegma and the Nunz – “Nuns of Guatemala”

SATYRICON Releases Lyric Video For "Our World, It Rumbles Tonight"


New Album Out September 17

th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment

SATYRICON has released a lyric video for the song  “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” from their self-titled eighth studio album.   The album will be released in North America on September 17th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.  Check out the lyric video for “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” HERE.


Satyricon was recorded in Norway, produced by Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven, and mixed by Adam Kasper.  The album features a guest vocal appearance by fellow Norwegian Sivert Høyem of the rock group MADRUGADA.  In-studio photos can be viewed on the band’s official Facebook page.


“We are back. Sorry it took so long, but we needed the time to be able pull off a record like this,” states band frontman Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven. “Comparing this one to previous records is time wasted, it is SATYRICON; constantly on the move. Naming this record Satyriconwas the most obvious thing in the world. We have never done a record which captures the spirit of this band in such a way. Ever. It will demand a lot from you as a listener, but I know you will love it. It will grow on you and that is why it will stay with you forever. We won’t tour as much in the future as we used to, and that will just make every tour more special. This album is for you and ourselves. It is our moment!”


Satyricon will be released in North America the following formats:


·         deluxe jewel case with three bonus tracks

·         vinyl LP in assorted colors (release date TBA)


SATYRICON is available for pre-order at:

Nuclear Blast:






Track listing for Satyricon is:


01 – Voice Of Shadows

02 – Tro Og Kraft

03 – Our World, It Rumbles Tonight

04 – Nocturnal Flare

05 – Phoenix

06 – Walker Upon The Wind

07 – Nekrohaven

08 – Ageless Northern Spirit

09 – The Infinity Of Time And Space

10 – Natt


Bonus Tracks:


11 – Phoenix (Recording Session Mix)

12 – Our World, It Rumbles Tonight (Deeper Low Mix)

13 – Natt (Wet Mix)


Om September 8thSATYRICON will be participating in theUltima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and will perform with Norway’s National Opera Chorus at an exclusive show at the Norwegian National Opera House in Oslo.

OBITUARY Preparing To Hit The Road, Enter The Studio

ImageFlorida death metal veterans OBITUARY will bring their brutal wares to the stage this fall on a short series of live assaults. The tour begins with a pair of back-to-back shows at Brooklyn, New York’s Saint Vitus Bar on October 9 and 10, before flattening nine more venues through October 20. Having been holed up in their own Redneck Studios the last few weeks penning the follow-up to 2009’s punishing “Darkest Day” full-length (2009), OBITUARY’s upcoming shows serve as a temporary writing break. Elaborates drummer Donald Tardy: “We have been busting our asses in the studio, having a blast and writing new material. Twelve songs are done and ready to be recorded but we want a monster album for our fans so we are working on a few more to make this record huge! We will continue writing until October when we will take a break from the studio and new music and go destroy the Trois-Rivieres Metalfest with HATEBREED and crush the U.S.”

OBITUARY tour dates:

Oct. 09 – St. Vitus – Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 10 – St. Vitus – Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 11 – American Legion – Allentown, PA

Oct. 12 – Trois-Rivieres Metalfest – Trois-Rivieres, QC

Oct. 13 – Presidents Club – Boston, MA

Oct. 15 – Beale Street – Indianapolis, IN

Oct. 16 – Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI

Oct. 17 – Fubar – St Louis, MO

Oct. 18 – Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL

Oct. 19 – Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD

Oct. 20 – El N’ Gee – New London, CT

The as-yet-untitled full-length will be recorded with the Kickstarter funding help of their legion of dedicated fans around the globe. The campaign, rooted in an honest desire to produce the next record on their own terms, is in its final week. “We’ve been creating death metal since 1984,” the band comments. “It’s who we are…it’s in our blood. “If there’s one thing that we’ve learned touring all these years, it’s that OBITUARY fans are among the most loyal and supportive motherfuckers in the world! “We’ve been trying to find better ways to engage with and give back to our fans. “Over the past couple of years, we’ve streamed concerts live from around the globe, given away tons of merch packages and dozens of all-access backstage passes. It’s inspiring to see and share in your excitement about OBITUARY, and the inspiration that provides keeps us going. This is about putting our trust, our music, our career, and our new album in fans’ hands! We want to make music for the people who still come out to shows, still sport our gear, and still have a ‘Slowly We Rot’ cassette in their car.”

LORD DYING Announce Additional Tour Dates Sign Endorsement Deal With Lace Pickups



LORD DYING has been on the road non-stop since the release of their critically acclaimed debut Summon the Faithless earlier this year via Relapse Records.And that is not about to change now!  LORD DYING has added shows to their previously scheduled dates with Valient Thorr and Ramming Speed. 


LORD DYING have also added a slew of headline shows in support of Summon the FaithlessThe band will appear at Phil Anselmo’s inaugural Housecore Horror Film Fest alongside Pig Destroyer, Down, Repulsion and many others!  A complete list of dates can be found below.


The band recently debuted a video for the song “Dreams of Mercy”.  The video was directed by Whitey McConnaughy (Red Fang, ZZ Top). Check it out HERE.


In more LORD DYING news, the band is now proud endorsees of Lace Pickups.  The guys are very excited to be working with such a great company:


Here’s what Erik Olson has to say about his new Wino Lifers:

“The Wino Lifers are killer.  I didn’t think it was possible to make my tone heavier while also increasing the clarity and sustain, so dial it in and crank it up!”


Here’s what Chris Evans has to say about his new Lace Fingerburners:

“The finger burners give me the extra punch, clarity, and low end I’ve been looking for.  I couldn’t be happier!”

LORD DYING‘s debut Summon the Faithless is available now on Relapse Records.  The album is available in CD and LP formats which can be purchased HERE and digitally via iTunes.

Summon the Faithless can be streamed in full on LORD DYING‘s band camp page.



Sep 06        Spokane, WA                 Carr’s Corner w/ Losing Skin, Hooves

Sep 07        Idaho Fall, ID                Wax House w/ Eternal North


***All dates from Sep 09 to Sep 25 w/ Valient Thorr and Ramming Speed***


Sep 09        Denver, CO                   Marquis Theatre

Sep 10        Salt Lake City, UT        Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Sep 11        Boise, ID                       Neurolux

Sep 13        Vancouver, BC              Rickshaw Theatre

Sep 14        Seattle, WA                   Highline

Sep 15        Portland, OR                 Rotture

Sep 16        San Francisco, CA         Slim’s

Sep 17        Hollywood, CA             Roxy

Sep 18        San Diego, CA              The Casbah

Sep 19        Tempe, AZ                    Club Red

Sep 20        Santa Fe, NM                Warehouse 21

Sep 22        Oklahoma City, OK        Blue Note

Sep 23        Little Rock, AR              Downtown Music

Sep 25        Nashville, TN                 The End

Sep 26        Chattanooga, TN            JJ’s Bohemia

Sep 27        Spartanburg, SC             Ground Zero


Sep 28        Knoxville, TN               Pilot Light

Sep 29        Memphis, TN                Hi Tone Café

Sep 30        St. Louis, MO                Fubar

Oct 01        Appleton, WI                 The Maritime

Oct 02        Minneapolis, MN           Nether Bar

Oct 04        Billings, MT                  Railyard w/ Kancerous

Oct 10        Missoula, MT                The Palace


Oct 25- 27   Austin, TX           Housecore Horror Film Fest @ Emo’s East w/ Repulsion, Pig

Destroyer, Down , Pallbearer

FOZZY To Enter Studio In January, Says Singer

ImageJason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently conducted an interview with FOZZY singer and WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Icon Vs. Icon: Is there musical ground you are anxious to cover?

Chris: We have already started writing songs for the next record. We will be focusing in even more on what we do best — the groove, the space, the heaviness and the melodies. As much as we love IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, DIO and a lot of new bands like STONE SOUR, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, we also have a big appreciation for JOURNEY, FOREIGNER, STYX, QUEEN and THE BEATLES; bands who used a lot of harmony. We like the days where every guy in the band sang! We really want to continue those days. I think one of the reasons we have been doing so well because FOZZY is a little bit different than the norm and that has helped us get to the next level.

Icon Vs. Icon: Where are you in process of creating this new material for a new FOZZY album?

Chris: We are going to go back into the studio starting in January. We are writing now and we want to have this thing released for the summertime. It is would be perfect timing for putting out a record, where we can go tour with at all the summer festivals and tours. We are getting everything sorted out and organized right now. Like I keep saying, there is just so much momentum from “Sin And Bones”, we want to keep that rolling and the elevation continuing along!

Icon Vs. Icon: Speaking of new music, where do you find yourself looking for inspiration as a songwriter?

Chris: I just go by songtitles. If I see an interesting phrase, something that piques my interest, I will write it down and work my way backwards from there. Obviously, there are a lot of different places you can derive lyrics from. Personally, I like imagery lyrics. If you look at “Sandpaper” or “Spider In My Mouth”, they are more imagery driven, rather than literal, visceral meanings. I also like relationship-type songs like “In My Head” or “Shine Forever” or “Feed My Addiction”. Then you have the more fantastic ones like “What Happens”, “Past Life” or “Dark Passenger”, which was loosely based on ‘Dexter”, or storm — “Storm The Beaches” is about being in World War II. It is just whatever catches my eye, but it typically starts off with the song title.

Icon Vs. Icon: Last time we spoke, you had been giving some thought on doing a live DVD release to capture the live show. Any movement on that front?

Chris: Yeah, we just filmed a set at Bloodstock, which is a big festival we played in England a few weeks ago. Once we have that all organized and ready, I am sure it will be released before the new record or if nothing else, with the new record as a bonus disc.

Icon Vs. Icon: Last time we spoke, you had signed a book deal for a third autobiography. You had mentioned wanting to start chipping away at it while on tour. Where do you stand in that process?

Chris: I did actually start it. A couple of weeks ago we were in Austria and I finally bit the bullet and started working on it. I am about 85 pages in. Once you kind of crack the seal and get to work on it, it becomes addictive. That is what you need to write a book because it is a huge project that takes a lot of effort. I have a couple of great books to live up to, so I have a certain level of quality to meet as well. All of those factors lead you to waiting for the right time. Once you get started, it is hard to stop. That is where I am at right now, so hopefully it will be out next year. I am not sure exactly if it is supposed to be out in the fall or winter. I know what my deadline is and I am late! Fire it up!


ImageFormer SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach says that he was asked to replace Vince Neil in MÖTLEY CRÜE but that he turned down the opportunity because he thought his situation at the time was better. Neil was fired from MÖTLEY CRÜE in 1992 due to personal differences and was replaced by John Corabi. With Corabi on vocals, MÖTLEY CRÜE released one critically acclaimed full-length CD, which ended up being a commercial failure in the wake of grunge despite a Top-Ten placing on the album chart. Asked by a fan on Twitter if he was ever considered to replace Vince in MÖTLEY CRÜE, Bach replied that he was not just “considered” but that he was actually “asked” by CRÜE if he wanted to join the band as its new lead singer. He then added that the story of how close he came to becoming a member of MÖTLEY CRÜE might be included in his upcoming autobiography, which he is currently working on and for which he recently revealed that he had “a big offer from a big book company.” When another fan pressed Bach on why the singer turned down the offer to join MÖTLEY CRÜE, Bach replied: “The short answer is that I actually thought at the time this band SKID ROW was better.” Sebastian then added, “Gee, I sure know how to pick ’em.” In a November 2012 interview with the “Eddie Trunk Rocks” radio show on New York’s Q104.3 FM, Bach stated about his former band: “I will always be the singer of SKID ROW, no matter what. There’s no other guy. It’s like… John Corabi, I love ya — it’s great — but where’s Vince? I mean, that’s the way it is. Walk down the street with me and count how many times [people scream out], ‘Youth Gone Wild! SKID ROW!’ It’s like people shout out of the cars.”

TIDES FROM NEBULA Reveal Track From Eagerly Anticipated New Album!


Oct. 7th (EUR) / Nov 5th (N.America) will see the release of the third album from TIDES FROM NEBULA, which is entitled “Eternal Movement”. The first song to be revealed from the album is ‘Only With Presence’.


Stream it directly from here:


Of the track Maciej Karbowski, guitars and keyboards says “It all started with a twisted guitar riff. I took it to the rest of the band, we played around with it for a while and out it came. We use a synthesizer bass for the first time, we loved the sound, so tasty! It’s definitely one of the best quicker tracks on the album, I love the way it builds to something with real intensity.”.

Przemek Węgłowski, the bassist in the band came up with the title of the track inspired by the book “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.


In addition to the first new track stream the band has also revealed the tracklisting for “Eternal Movement” –


1. Laughter of Gods

2. Only With Presence

3. Satori

4. Emptiness of Yours and Mine

5. Hollow Lights

6. Now Run

7. Let it Out, Let it Flow, Let it Fly

8. Up From Eden


“Eternal Movement” will be available on CD, Vinyl (incl. CD) and Download.


Following the album release TIDES FROM NEBULA will start a massive European tour supporting THE OCEAN as well as an extensive tour throughout Poland.



04.10.2013 – Poland, Łomza, MDK

05.10.2013 – Poland, Białystok, Fama

06.10.2013 – Poland, Bydgoszcz, Estrada

10.10.2013 – Poland, Łódz, Scenografia

11.10.2013 – Poland, Elblag, Mjazzga

12.10.2013 – Poland, Olsztyn, Andergrant

13.10.2013 – Poland, Poznań, Eskulap

24.10.2013 – Poland, Kraków, Kwadrat

25.10.2013 – Poland, Sosnowiec, 2doors

26.10.2013 – Poland, Chelm, Atmosfera

27.10.2013 – Poland, Lublin, Grafitti


as support for THE OCEAN:

29.10.2013 – Germany, Hamburg, Logo

30.10.2013 – Netherlands, Haarlem, Patronaat

31.10.2013 – Netherlands, Rotterdam, Baroeg

01.11.2013 – United Kingdom, London, The Garage

03.11.2013 – France, Paris, Divan du Monde

05.11.2013 – Spain, Barcelona, Apolo 2

06.11.2013 – Spain, Madrid, Caracol

07.11.2013 – Portugal, Porto, Hard Club

09.11.2013 – Italy, Turin, AudioDrome

10.11.2013 – Italy, Rome, Traffic

11.11.2013 – Slovenia, Ljubljana, Gala Hala

12.11.2013 – Germany, Munich, Backstage Club

13.11.2013 – Switzerland, Winterthur, Salzhaus

14.11.2013 – France, Belfort, La Poudriere

15.11.2013 – Germany, Essen, Zeche Carl

17.11.2013 – Germany, Berlin, Lido

18.11.2013 – Poland, Warsaw, Progresja

19.11.2013 – Poland, Wroclaw, Alibi



05.12.2013 – Poland, Gdansk, Parlament

06.12.2013 – Poland, Konin, Oskard

07.12.2013 – Poland, Szczecin, Słowianin

08.12.2013 – Poland, Toruń, Od Nowa

KILL DEVIL HILL: New Album Title, Cover Artwork Revealed

ImageKILL DEVIL HILL — the band featuring legendary drummer Vinny Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL) alongside Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN) on bass, Mark Zavon (RATT, W.A.S.P., 40 CYCLE HUM) on guitar and Jason “Dewey” Bragg (PISSING RAZORS) on vocals — will release its sophomore album, “Revolution Rise”, in North America on October 29 via Century Media Records. The CD was produced by KILL DEVIL HILL and Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, FOREIGNER, DIO) and was mixed by Jay Ruston (STONE SOUR, ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER). The cover artwork was created by Sam Shearon, who has previously worked with ROB ZOMBIE, IRON MAIDEN and FEAR FACTORY, to name just a few. Says Brown of the new album: “This new KILL DEVIL HILL record is definitely one of my favorite moments of my career — it’s got balls, great melodies, awesome guitar riffing and a low end that’ll set your ass on fire! The album far exceeds our wildest expectations and we can’t wait to take this music out on the road and share it with all of our friends and fans. Buckle your seat belts, we’re all in for one hell of a ride!”

“Revolution Rise” track listing:

01. No Way Out

02. Crown Of Thorns

03. Leave It All Behind

04. Why

05. Wake Up The Dead

06. Long Way From Home

07. Where Angels Dare To Roam

08. Stained Glass Sadness

09. Endless Static

10. Stealing Days

11. Life Goes On

KILL DEVIL HILL will celebrate the new album release with an October 29 party and performance at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. A fall tour will follow. Speaking to Skinny Music earlier this year, Brown stated about KILL DEVIL HILL’s new material: “It’s pure, unadulterated, hard, kicking-ass rock and roll, man. That’s all I an say about it. It’s gonna be amazing. The tapes I have, there’s no compression, no EQ off the board. It’s just non-stop rock and roll, man. That’s all there is to it.” KILL DEVIL HILL’s self-titled debut album was released last year via Steamhammer/SPV. The CD landed at position No. 9 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. “Kill Devil Hill” was produced by Warren Riker, who is best known for his work with DOWN, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SUBLIME and CATHEDRAL. The effort was made available in a standard CD edition, as an iTunes digital download, and double gatefold LP. According to drummer Vinny Appice, KILL DEVIL HILL’s sound is “like a cross between BLACK SABBATH, ALICE IN CHAINS and a little bit of LED ZEPPELIN thrown in. It’s heavy, but with a lot of cool hooks and melodic overtones, too.”


* Jason “Dewey” Bragg (PISSING RAZORS) – Vocals

* Mark Zavon (RATT, W.A.S.P., 40 CYCLE HUM) – Guitar

* Rex Brown (DOWN, PANTERA) – Bass

* Vinny Appice (HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, DIO) – Drums

DEE SNIDER's 'Rock And Roll Christmas Tale' Musical To Lift Your Spirits This Holiday Season

ImageFrom legendary rock artist and heavy-metal icon Dee Snider comes “Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale”, the new headbanging, heart-warming musical that “mashes up” beloved holiday songs with your favorite hits from TWISTED SISTER! “Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale” tells the story of DAISY CÜTTER, a heavy metal bar band looking to make it big even though the ’80s are over. This year, these four guys are ready to take the ultimate step and, in mythic rock tradition, sell their souls to the devil in exchange for success beyond their wildest metal dreams! But every time they try to seal the infernal pact, their head-banging anthems turn into warm-hearted carols. Soon these rockers are forced to realize their dreams of stardom are no match for the Christmas spirit. Dee Snider delivers a VERY funny, VERY rocking and (ssssh!) VERY sweet new holiday musical, guaranteed to rock your soul and lift your spirits! “Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale” is directed by Adam John Hunter, written by Dee Snider, and produced by Revonoy Productions-John Yonover.