THE WHITE SWAN Debuts “Tell It To The Sky” Video

Atmospheric sludge rock unit, THE WHITE SWAN, are pleased to unveil the video accompaniment to their cover of Tracy Bonham‘s “Tell It To The Sky.” Now playing at Metal Injection, the track is featured on the band’s Nocturnal Transmission EP released last month.
Spearheaded by Kittie‘s Mercedes Lander, alongside Kira Longeuay and Shane Jeffers (Bloodmoon Collective), Nocturnal Transmission delivers over twenty minutes of sprawling, melodic sound waves Revolver Magazine crowns, “a gauzy, atmospheric brand of sludgy doomgaze.” Elsewhere, Toilet Ov Hell hails, “a brand of passion doom that is truly captivating,” New Noise Magazine lauds, “a heroic swell of atmospheric sludge and gothic cascades that will chill you to the bone and leave a patch of frost lingering between your toes,” while Rock And Roll Fables champions Lander for “channeling her inner [Melissa] Auf der Maur,” and likening the EP duration to, “a spiritual experience.”
Comments Metal Injection, “A perfect mix of heartfelt shoegazing doom and angsty sludge makes THE WHITE SWAN a unique comfort for any listening experience.”
View “Tell It To The Sky” at THIS LOCATION.
Stream THE WHITE SWAN‘s Nocturnal Transmission EP at THIS LOCATION.
Nocturnal Transmission is available digitally through the band and on limited edition vinyl via War Crime Recordings. For orders go HERE 
In December 2019, THE WHITE SWAN recorded three songs and a cover of what can only be described as love songs. Lander has penned lyrics that chronicle the joy, desire, longing, and eventual feeling of completeness that comes with a romantic relationship. From the night drives through the snow in the early days, right through to the handcrafted guitar built as a wedding gift from her now husband, the intricacies of true love permeate every moment of Nocturnal Transmission.
Reprising a long-time creative relationship with producer Siegfried Meier, Lander felt both at home and re-energized by the familiarity and collaborative nature of their work. Recording took just two days, retaining many of the hallmarks of THE WHITE SWAN‘s earlier output, but adding a slightly polished sheen to proceedings. With vocal layering and touches of psychedelic synths adding textural elements to the songs, the result is an enveloping experience of fuzzed out guitars and molasses-like melody. Describing Nocturnal Transmission as a “turning point” for the band, the album art by collage artist Caitlyn Grabenstein reflects the feeling of standing on the precipice, staring into the unknown. Acknowledging that there will always be a constant sound to THE WHITE SWAN, Lander states that their main intention is to “grow and grow.” With an ever-developing sound and a solid combination of creative musicians in their ranks, Nocturnal Transmission is the latest in what is sure to be an ever expanding back catalog of triumphs.

DAMN YOUR EYES Reveals Crushing New Lineup and Single “Heavy Is The Head”

New York-based metal band DAMN YOUR EYES has returned with a vengeance, sporting a new lineup and an even heavier approach on their brand new single, “Heavy Is The Head.”

“‘Heavy Is The Head’ is a song that deals with people that think they are top dog,” explains guitarist Artie Alexander“The narcissistic idea that they can do whatever or say whatever they want about people without receiving any backlash. Be careful what you say about people, especially people that haven’t done anyone wrong but know about all the horrible things you have said and done.”

Pre-save the “Heavy Is The Head” single now at this location.

Formed in 2015 by Artie Alexander and former drummer James BaldassanoDAMN YOUR EYES immediately hit the ground running. As respected musicians in their local scene with extensive recording experience, the band quickly recorded an EP, released it to local acclaim, and rapidly returned to the studio to record their upcoming international full-length debut, Kill The Outside in 2019. But as the band was building a following, it seemed to its members that there were some missing pieces to the DAMN YOUR EYES puzzle.

“We needed players that could boost the energy and technical growth of DAMN YOUR EYES,” Alexander says. “We were kicking around the idea of adding another guitarist for some time, but this band is a family unit and you just can’t bring in a player who is good, but it has to be right on every level.”

Enter former Cro-Mags guitarist Gabriel “Gabby” Abularach, who played on the Alpha Omega and In The Beginning releases. “I always thought Gabby’s style was better suited for metal than hardcore,” says Alexander“He’s so well versed and a pure monster as a player. I always told the guys that if we added another guitarist, I would want it to be Gabby.” Alexander’s wish came true when the two met for dinner one night and he discovered that Abularach was planning to leave his band. “On the spot, I asked if he would be interested in playing with DAMN YOUR EYES. He really liked our music, so he joined us right there in a Mexican restaurant! What a difference and a pleasure his presence in DAMN YOUR EYES is.”

After searching for a new drummer to complete this powerhouse, Darren Markoff, 24-year veteran of Long Island metal band Korotory stepped in to complete the puzzle. Darren is exactly what this band needed on so many levels,” Alexander says. “His style is in lockstep with what we are trying to do and is an outstanding individual. We needed someone with the technical ability that also had the groove that is the backbone of this band.”

DAMN YOUR EYES entered the studio with this bone-crushing new lineup in July to record several new tracks, which will be released individual over the coming months. Consider “Heavy Is The Head” as a warning of things to come from DAMN YOUR EYES!

The God of Partying ANDREW W.K. Signs with Napalm Records

The team at Napalm Records is proud to announce the signing of international hard rock superstar and God of Partying ANDREW W.K. to an exclusive worldwide recording contract with the premier rock and metal label.
Napalm Records stated: “We at Napalm Records are thrilled to propel ANDREW W.K. to new heights, having been longtime fans of the work since the beginning. To say partnering (and partying) with the team at ANDREW W.K. has been exciting and enlightening is an understatement. We’ve got our seat belts on and secured tightly, and we’re ready to party party party our way into the future of ANDREW W.K.!”
Kristine Williams shared these words on behalf of the entire ANDREW W.K. company: “Everyone at ANDREW W.K. and The Louise Harland Corporation is very pleased to have this opportunity to work with Napalm Records. We look forward to partying harder than ever before!”
And Frank Vierti, long time creative director for ANDREW W.K., added the following: “I’ve worked on ANDREW W.K. since the late 90’s, and it’s been a wild ride since day one. Still, after all the twists and turns, I have an uncanny feeling that the most twisted turns are about to take place, and I’m confident the good people at Napalm Records will hold on tight while we navigate the next loop in this never-ending rollercoaster ride. It’s rare to find a group of music industry veterans that not only grasp the core of what we’ve been doing for the past two decades, but also have a shared vision that will take us forward and over the edges. They’ve seen through the big picture, they’ve accepted what’s going on in the background, and they’ve agreed on what’s to come. Most importantly, they’re not afraid to push this next chapter and reconnect the dots from 1999, 2001, 2005, 2009, and the tears spanning 2011 and 2018. O praise the Party Gods!” 
ANDREW W.K. got its start in southeastern Michigan, before moving to New York City and officially launching in 1999. Now, entering the new decade having already conquered the worlds of music, television, radio, and motivational speaking (even receiving the American Association of Suicidology’s “Person” of the Year Award in 2018), the inimitable God of Partying is more determined than ever to reach euphoric levels of positive perfection. Having released five larger-than-life albums, including the revered chart-topping full-length debut, I Get Wet (2001), ANDREW W.K.  is hard at work (for two years and counting) on crafting a brand new album of brand new music, guaranteed to pressurize the power of partying into diamond levels of hardness.

GWAR Announces “Scumdogs XXX Live”

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of their classic album Scumdogs of the Universe, your Lords and Masters GWAR are pleased to announce the “Scumdogs XXX Live” live streaming concert event, presented by Liquid Death and Metal Injection.

This one-of-a-kind experience is set for Friday, October 30th with the pre-show starting at 6:00 PM Eastern. The live stream performance kicks off at 8:00 PM Eastern. Tickets and VIP Packages can be purchased at The show will be available on-demand through November 15th.

“Scumdogs XXX Live” will be a full-fledged GWAR performance and a spectacle the likes of which you have never seen. Your Lords and Masters will celebrate this momentous occasion by ripping through the entire Scumdogs of the Universe album from front to back. Will there be special guests? You’re goddamn right there will be special guests. Are we going to tell you who they are? No we aren’t, but you can find out for yourself on October 30th.

Blōthar the Berserker had this to say about the momentous occasion: “We always wanted to do a concert without an audience in the room. The audience is always the worst part. Well, that and the fact that we’re constantly being attacked by a bunch of assholes while we try to get through a set. Man, I hope none of those old school dicks show up to rain on our glorious parade.”

This past weekend saw GWAR play their first ever drive-in shows at the Diamond in Richmond, VA. For the first time ever, GWAR shot blood and spew all over a parking lot full of bohabs in cars. Could there be more in the works? Stay tuned.

Don’t forget, you can help decide who GWAR will kill on stage for the NEXT 4 years!! Register and VOTE in November. Check your registration.

JAX DIARIES Debut New Single “Came Down To Say Hi”

Italy’s rising hard rock band JAX DIARIES has released a new single titled “Came Down To Say Hi,” which features guest guitarist Diego “DD Lacuna” Cavalotti of goth metal masters LACUNA COIL. Unveiled first at, the song is accompanied by remarkable video revolving around a shoot out in an old western town.

JAX DIARIES comments on the new single, “The idea behind ‘Came Down To Say Hi’ was to bring fans something pretty unexpected from a band like us and what we wanted to do was basically try to blend together cinema and music. Being able to shoot such a complicated video was a huge accomplishment for us. We travelled back in space and time and with some help from fans we gave life to a place that before this was just a pub, a place to drink some beers in 2020 listening to some hard rock music. These past few days, since the releasing of ‘Came down to say hi’ we kept hearing the same question over and over again, ‘Did you actually shoot the video in America during this Covid 19 pandemic?’ Well, of course not. We were lucky enough to have such a huge and hard working production team behind us who helped make all of this possible and we will never be able to express how grateful we are. From now on the mission of this band and our mission as executive producer and directors of each video will be easier and easier to understand. We are trying to give fans ‘Experiences.’ We really hope fans will enjoy “Came Down To Say Hi” and we hope they’ll stick around ‘cuz we are goin’ to be pretty active from now on.”

JAX DIARIES is an Alternative Rock band born in summer 2019 from the minds of Jaxon and his brother Andrew. The two were part of a Metalcore band called CRY EXCESS who performed around the world supporting artists like PAPA ROACH, KORN and WALLS OF JERICHO among others.

As the brothers sound evolved and they found their footing in the alternative/heavy rock scene, they recruited Andrew and Frankie and formed JAX DIARIES. The newly minted band found near immediate success in 2019 with their debut single “Shine On.”

That success was nearly the beginning and end of things as later that year Jax was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. He persevered from the hospital bed and continued writing new music with bandmates during daily visits.

On the mend and back in the studio, JAX DIARIES recorded their first full length album in March 2020, with the first new song, “Came Down To Say Hi” providing fans a taste of what’s to come. A year after it was wrapped, the band will release the record in March 2021 and will kickoff a worldwide tour soon after.

Legendary Guitarist Eddie Van Halen Passes at 65

The legendary riff master Eddie Van Halen, who gave the world a band with his name, Van Halen, has passed today at the age of 65. His cause of death was the result of an ongoing battle with throat cancer.

TMZ broke the news first.

His son, Wolfgang Van Halen wrote via Twitter “I can’t believe I’m having to write this, but my father, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer this morning. He was the best father I could ever ask for. Every moment I’ve shared with him on and off stage was a gift…I love you so much, Pop.”

Eddie Van Halen was an immigrant kid who emerged from Pasadena with an ear for hard-rock hooks and wild guitar flash in the Jimi Hendrix tradition. His speed and innovations along the fretboard inspired a generation of imitators, as the band bearing his name rose to MTV stardom and multiplatinum sales over 10 consecutive albums.

In contrast to the shadowy gothic blues of Black Sabbath, or the pagan thunder of Led Zeppelin, the band Van Halen delivered muscular hard rock in Technicolor. The group’s sound and image were vivid reflections of its Southern California home, with a lead guitarist in bright colors and a welcoming grin.

My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fans. Rock In Peace Eddie Van Halen.

ACCEPT Release Video For “The Undertaker” From Their New Studio Album “Too Mean To Die”

The German kingpins of Heavy Metal have today released “The Undertaker”, the first single from their highly anticipated new studio album Too Mean To Die. The album will be released on January 15th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast. The pre-sale for ACCEPT’s 16th studio album will launch on November 6th, 2020.

You can watch the brilliant video for “The Undertaker” here.
The video was filmed in an abandoned castle in Poland and at an old cemetery in Nashville, TN. The mid-tempo number will captivate fans with its mesmerizing build and stirring vocals. Sing-a-longs are guaranteed, and the track is sure to deliver some future memorable live moments! According to ACCEPT mastermind Wolf Hoffmann“The Undertaker” is one of the most catchy and pleasing pieces on the new album.
The single and album were recorded in Nashville (USA). O
nce again at the mixing desk was the British master producer Andy Sneap (JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH, among others), who has been responsible for the magnificent studio sound of ACCEPT since 2010.
Wolf Hoffmann states regarding the album title Too Mean To Die“We wanted to approach the Corona situation with a twist. ACCEPT are the “Metal Soldiers” – we march on and on. We are ‘too mean to die'”.

The album cover is still top secret and lies deeply buried by the “Undertaker” – safely underground.

But from today onwards, ACCEPT fans have the unique opportunity to reveal the cover, so it can see the light of day! The more often they stream “The Undertaker” on SPOTIFY – – the faster and deeper the gravedigger works, until finally at 500.000 streams, the Too Mean To Die album cover artwork appears. On top of this, fans can also win an exclusive Zoom Meet & Greet with the entire band as well as some other goodies. So start digging!
The single will be released in a 2-track format, with an unreleased live version of “Life’s A Bitch” recorded in Oulu/Finland 2019. It is available digitally and as exclusive 7″ vinyl in three colors, each limited to 300 pieces. Colors for Europe are gold and marble while the U.S. will have red. ATTENTION: The marble version is already sold out!
The single is available here.

Armored Saint Launches New Single “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”

On October 23rd, Armored Saint will release their eighth full-length, Punching The Sky, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the album, a video for the new single, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” (directed and produced by Costin Chioreanu), can be viewed HERE. Additional drone footage was shot by Miluta Flueras, with band performance footage by Vince Edwards. Special thanks to Dan Marinescu.

A video for the first single, “End of the Attention Span” (directed by Robert Graves), can be seen HERE where the album can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:
– digipak-CD
– ltd. digibook-CD/DVD (incl. 3 bonus tracks)
– 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
– clear purple / white marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
– dark violet marbled vinyl w/ 7″ & patch (Kings Road exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– signal orange marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– white w/ purple & red splatter vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– purple / red melt vinyl (Kings Road exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
– deep purple marbled vinyl (US exclusive)
– lavender marbled vinyl w/ 7″ & patch (US exclusive)

On Saturday, October 10th at 1PM PST//4PM EST//10PM CET, Armored Saint will host a live record release show online for Punching The Sky. Set to take place at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA, Armored Saint will be performing a full set, including 4 new songs from Punching the Sky. Additionally, the band will be answering select questions from fans who submit them via a post on their Facebook page.

$10 tickets, plus exclusive event merch bundles, are available now at Fans who purchase a ticket can access the footage and bundles until November 9th. See below for all ticket-bundle options:
–ticket + signed CD of Punching the Sky [$30 (USA/EU)]
–ticket + exclusive event tee [$50 (USA/EU)]
–ticket + exclusive event tee and signed CD of Punching the Sky [$65 (USA/EU)]

Leaders and stalwarts of the American heavy metal scene since the early 80s, Armored Saint‘s Punching The Sky sees them returning hard. A diverse, attitude-drenched collection, it’s everything the band’s faithful have come to expect from them while pushing their signature sound forward. “The goal is to write really good music. I know I’m stating the obvious here but that’s about the size of our agenda,” says bassist Joey Vera“We’ve been able to shed a lot of expectations that sometimes plague a band like ours that has been around a long time, and we’ve recently moved into a comfort zone with just being ourselves. We have this kind of freedom now that we didn’t really have early in our career, and we can take some chances and make the kind of music that we want to hear. This record is a reflection of where we are at, right now.” Exploding to life with the crunchy, rousing “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” and not letting up until the closing ruthless riff of “Never You Fret”, the record is possessed of an urgency and vigor which very much places it in the right now, but could only be the work of Vera, guitarists Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan, drummer Gonzo Sandoval and vocalist John Bush“When you’re a band that began four decades ago, you really have to push yourself harder than ever when it comes to making a new record,” states Bush“The last thing you ever want is for it to appear as though you were going through the motions or that you’re just putting a product out to do some touring. The records are immortal. They’ll be here long after us. Every one needs to count in its own individual way.”

With Vera acting as producer, he recruited the same engineering team that worked on Win Hands Down with drums recorded by Josh Newell at El Dorado Studios in Burbank, CA, guitars tracked by Bill Metoyer at Skullseven studios in North Hollywood, CA, and vocals, bass and additional recordings by the bassist at his studio. “I like working with people that I trust and have a good personal rapport with. That same reason is why I hired Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Amon Amarth, Stonesour) to mix the record. It’s important to be able to work with people who understand what the end goal is.” The process of realizing the album was a lot of hard work, Vera admitting he took on too many of the tasks himself, but he states that overall it was a good experience and everyone brought their A-game to the table and the right attitude for getting things done. “At the end of the mixing stage, I always have a hard time walking away from the project we’ve been working on for so long. It’s hard to let it go. The end result is good though. Everyone played and sang their asses off and it shows.” The record also features a few guest musicians further expanding its sonic palette, the whole thing kicking off with the sound of Uilleann Pipes, Vera finding player Patrick D’Arcy in LA and recruiting him to the cause. Guns ‘N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed also contributes, Vera giving both him and D’Arcy some general directions and letting them loose, both of them delivering strong performances. The band’s own Gonzo Sandoval plays an American Indian flute on “Never You Fret” – a first for Armored Saint and their drummer. Also Jacob Ayala, the son of a childhood friend who is a drum major in high school, added some marching snare on one of the tracks, which really stands out.

With the band’s place in the metal scene firmly reestablished with Punching The Sky, they are staring down their four decade anniversary, which Vera reflects on. “Part of me feels like I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for that long. It’s kind of incredible. So I feel pretty damn lucky really, that we’ve been able to have the support from fans and our record company for all these years. Without this support, we really couldn’t do any of this. So this is the big part of what has kept us going, and when I stop and look around, I am humbled that we’ve had this opportunity to make music and tour for such a long time. That’s what our initial goal was back when we were just 18 years old.”

Punching The Sky Track List
1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
2. End of the Attention Span
3. Bubble
4. My Jurisdiction
5. Do Wrong to None
6. Lone Wolf
7. Missile to Gun
8. Fly in the Ointment
9. Bark, No Bite
10. Unfair
11. Never You Fret

TETRARCH’s “I’m Not Right” Enters Top 40 on Billboard

Modern metal phenom TETRARCH’s new single, “I’m Not Right,” from their forthcoming Unstable album, debuted at 39* on the Billboard Rock Charts and Active Rock Mediabase, further solidifying the potency of the fast-rising frontrunners.

“We are honored to crack the top 40 of the ‘Billboard’ mainstream rock chart,” guitarist Diamond Rowe says. “The love from our fans around this song has been amazing and we know that it is only the beginning of our journey as a future headliner in the hard music genre.”

An official video for “I’m Not Right” has already amassed more than 1.3 million views. Watch it at HERE.

Rowe and guitarist Josh Fore are featured artists this week in Guitar World’s “Sick Riffs” series, where the pair offers an instructional video on how to play “I’m Not Right.” Watch the lesson at HERE.

Fierce individuality and a fearless embrace of the outsider are at the heart of TETRARCH, a band equally defined by metallic power and melodic hooks. Seamlessly blending technical chops and aggressive ferocity with menacing groove and massive choruses, TETRARCH obliterates musical barriers. The band’s tireless hard work and relentless determination has established TETRARCH as one of the top up and coming bands in heavy music, catching the attention of major media, including Guitar WorldGuitar Player, Premier Guitar and Metal Hammer where lead guitarist Diamond Rowe was the first African American female lead guitarist from the heavy metal genre to be featured.

TETRARCH’s Unstable was recorded earlier this year with producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decaptitation, Allegeon, Khemmis) and is due for release next year via Napalm Records.

ONCE UPON A FLATLINE Unleash Theatrics “For The Wretched Of The Earth”

Once Upon A Flatline brings their conceptually hardcore-theatricore from the heralded presence of New York rock bands. This September, they are delivering their sound and production to the masses with their single/video “For The Wretched Of The Earth”.

“When we originally recorded For The ‘Wretched of The Earth’, we felt a sense of urgency. We felt the world needed to hear a message of hope in these uncertain times. We also felt that perhaps enough hope was lying in wait in our individual hearts to make a difference – to at least one person somewhere in the world. Once the smoke of doubt had cleared, we realized that our scream was heard by far more people than we could have possibly ever imagined. It is for those that heard that call that we decided to reconsider how the story was to begin. We wanted to show the world not only something that we were proud of, but also something that our family could be proud of as well. We are here to stay and we welcome you to the theatre.” says Once Upon A Flatline.

Once Upon A Flatline is a six piece post-hardcore band with passionate theatrical and artistic elements. Dedicated to keep up with their motif of storytelling, the band is inspired to have each musical release be concept-driven and tell a story. Currently, OUAFL is in the process of releasing singles as a part of the EP: The Theatre Lucy – an anthology based ghost story where each song is inspired by a different famous Broadway musical. Once Upon a Flatline was formed by the first three members in the fall of 2017, when they decided it was their duty and destiny to create music and strive to inspire their audience to be kind, accepting, hopeful, and that your story is worth continuing and telling. However, the group did not make their official debut as a band until their current line up was made final in June of 2019 with their social media launch and band announcement. Since then, the band has continued to live-stream all announcements, engage with new fans, and create a consistently growing following in less than a year. For each release, the band has engaged with their audience by teasing what musical the past releases are with a series of images and videos all of which can be seen on their social media sites still, showcasing their recent releases. They are currently in the studio finishing the last of seven songs for The Theatre Lucy with three singles already available. This band is not letting lockdowns slow it down. While waiting for the world to open back up, they will continue to release new music and videos to tease and go along with their anticipated EP.