OBITUARY To Record New Album In November


David E. Gehlke of recently conducted an interview with singer John Tardy of Florida death metal veterans OBITUARY. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. What was the tipping point in terms of you doing something like this? Your relationship was Roadrunner wasn’t always so rosy, but with Candlelight you were a priority, at least.

John Tardy: Yeah, we thought about it back then. It was one of those things where we talk about it and talk about [it], but don’t really do anything. When it came time to get an album done, we were always like, “Okay, let’s sign.” Obviously, because of those contracts we signed withRoadrunner early on, that music is just gone. I couldn’t print up a copy of“Slowly We Rot” if I wanted to and start selling them. That’s a sad thing. And to think back then as teenagers signing those contracts, we had no idea to ask attorneys to look them over to see that it was a pretty standard contract. Come to find that signing something away from an entire lifetime doesn’t seem “standard” to me. But, those days are gone and we’ve learned a lot from that, so, the stuff we did with Candlelightwas all licensing, so that music comes back to us. That was a good thing that we got the music back and were in control. Two different things.Candlelight could have done a lot more — I don’t think they had enough albums pressed when the first album [2007’s “Xecutioner’s Return”] came out. When it got to the stores, there was one copy per store, and they were gone. If you’re lucky enough to get the kids to go down the store, that’s one thing, it’s another if you get them to go and it’s not in the store so they have to wait a month, so by that time, they could download it. A lot of things have changed from when we first started to now. We could take the master from the ten grand that I was talking about, and we could do a digital-only release, then you don’t have to do anything. Then it really doesn’t cost you anything — that’s not what we really want to do. We’ve been talking with Century Media a lot. They’re really cool dudes and seem interested in working with us on any level, which is cool. If we could get some backing and get some cash in our pocket, we could do a lot more with this record. If we fall a little short, and need help to get some kind of distribution deal or help with pressing or something like that, we could probably get a much better deal for ourselves and maintain control of the record. Then we could get someone like Century Media to help with us on the marketing end because it seems like they have a really long reach. From the sounds of it, you will be working withCentury Media in some form for the upcoming album? Is that correct?

Tardy: It is. We’ve talked to them a lot the last couple years, even for them to do the album. When we told them the initial plan to do the album by ourselves, they offered to work with us on any level we wanted them to. Those guys are really cool. Any time you see a metal band on Century Media, they usually give them a pretty good shot in marketing. We’ll see. We’re working hard to get funding one way or the other and theKickstarter was a really good start. What’s the progress on the new album?

Tardy: We really are — which is why we went ahead and started with that campaign — we’re going to have the master done in December. We’ll be recording in November. Most of the songs are done now; we only have a couple more to put together. We want to get about 13 songs ready; have 12 for the CD and have one in the wings to do something as a bonus. So we have the bulk of those things done; there’s probably five, six, seven of them that are nearly complete, and another three or four where the structure is really there, we have some filling in to do. There’s a couple more we have to put together. We’re doing our best and we’re trying to get them all done. Before we jam them, we want to give ourselves a month of just playing them time and time again, getting the feel for them and really feeling them out to make changes. That way, it gives you some flexibility to make changes, so the more you hear them, the more flexibility you have to make changes. That’s where we’re at. We hope to finish writing soon. Be done recording in November, mixing in December, and bam, have the thing out next year, and get the campaign started in January.

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GUNS N' ROSES Thanks Fans For Their Patience


GUNS N’ ROSES has released the following statement via its social media sites:

“Generally speaking, at this time, we have no information on tours, albums, or DVDs. When things get confirmed, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience.”

GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal recently told Rolling Stone that there is music ready to go for GUNS N’ ROSES‘ follow-up to 2008’s “Chinese Democracy”. He explained, “There’s a lot of stuff, it’s just a question of all of us organizing. We’re still doing shows, and I think once we clear our schedule and focus more on new music, it’ll happen. We just have little things on the back burner, just waiting for the right time for us to organize and make something new out of it. Hopefully we can make more music — that’s what it’s about.”

According to The Pulse Of RadioThal believes that the group’s fans want to hear something new from GUNS too, saying, “They want new music, and we can do it. It’s not that we’re done. I’m not ready for that. We need to keep making music. We have a great band that’s ready to do it and can do it well.”

Any chances of a new album, of course, depend on frontman Axl Rose. It took Rose 13 years to finish “Chinese Democracy”, burning through hundreds of thousands of dollars, multiple producers, every last remaining original member of the group and a few replacements before he was done.

The finished product got mixed reviews and was a relative flop, moving less than one million copies in the U.S.

But Rose remains an enigma. He has not spoken about making a new album in any of his rare interviews, still insists on going onstage late, and skipped out on GUNS‘ induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012.

SEBASTIAN BACH Back In The Studio Working On New Album


Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach is currently in the studio working on his next album with producer Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH,ALICE COOPER), who helmed the singer’s last solo CD, 2011’s “Kicking & Screaming”.

Comments Bach: “Today we are back in the studio crafting riffs and working on melody lines. Bob Marlette is working his magic and helping me out with the upcoming opus of epic-ness. Expect high-energy music…. perfect for driving quickly, or jack-hammering concrete. Working on lyrics… but don’t want to beat you over the head with sobriety, or ex-wives, or ex-bandmembers, or any of the other constant bullshit that I seem to be personally dealing with. So I am choosing my words carefully… because this music is straight-up, balls-to-the-wall, kick-you-in-the-nuts rock ‘n’ roll. And I need the words to reflect that.”

Bach‘s next solo CD, which is tentatively due in early 2014 via Frontiers Records, is expected to feature contributions from Steve Stevens(BILLY IDOL) and Los Angeles-based guitarist Jeff George, who previously played with ASKING ALEXANDRIA‘s lead vocalist Danny Worsnop. Making a guest appearance on the album will also be bassistDuff McKagan (DUFF MCKAGAN’S LOADEDVELVET REVOLVERGUNS N’ ROSES).

Bach‘s brand new CD/DVD package, “ABachalypse Now”, was released in North America on March 26 via Frontiers Records. The “ABachalypse Now” Ultimate CD/DVD Edition includes never-before-seen footage from last year’s Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Dessel, Belgium, the full never-before-seen Hellfest set from France and the fully-remixed and remastered Nokia show from Los Angeles (originally broadcast on AXS TV), as well as bonus music videos. The DVD contains a running time of nearly 160 minutes. “ABachalypse Now” was made available in two configurations: the Ultimate CD/DVD Edition (2 CDs + DVD) and a standalone DVD.

QUEEN's BRIAN MAY Undergoes Knee Replacement Surgery


According to The Pulse Of RadioQUEEN‘s Brian May has kept his fan base on top of his knee replacement surgery via his official web site,, posting on August 6: “I’m THROUGH!!! With a shiny new knee. This no walk in the park (!) but for 1st time in months I feel optimistic and free of that OLD pain. Thanks so much for the great messages — it means a lot. Bri zzzzz.”

In addition to his new album with Broadway star Kerry Ellis, called“Acoustic By Candlelight”May has been putting the finishing touches on the soon-to-be-released 1983 Freddie Mercury/Michael Jacksondemos. In addition to that, he and drummer Roger Taylor have been working on new QUEEN tracks with legendary producer Chris Thomas.

Chris Thomas is best known for his work on THE BEATLES‘ “White Album” and numerous projects with Paul McCartneyPete Townshend,THE PRETENDERSPINK FLOYDBADFINGERINXSSEX PISTOLS,Elton JohnU2, among others. The sessions mark his first behind the boards for QUEEN.

There’s no word who the two vocalists singing lead on the tracks are, or when they’ll be released.

The Pulse Of Radio asked QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor if he and Brian May have remained as close as they were during QUEEN‘s heyday. “Very close,” he said. “I mean, we are, y’know, what’s left of QUEEN. And, y’know, I saw him yesterday, we had a meeting. We see one other all the time — ’cause there’s so much to talk about. Seems like there’s more and more to talk about. And we don’t always agree all the time, but we are very close, yeah.”

ICED EARTH Completes Recording New Album


North American metallers ICED EARTH have finished recording their new album, “Plagues Of Babylon”, for a January 2014 via Century Media Records.

Says ICED EARTH guitarist/mainman Jon Schaffer: “There’s quite a selection of epic heaviness on your way, for release early next year.

“We arrived in Sweden and are heading on to Portugal for a few festivals, and then on Monday, we start the mix!”

Speaking to Metal4 magazine at last month’s Rockharz open-air festival in Germany, Schaffer said about the upcoming CD: “It’s a bit of a different thing for us, because it’s half of a concept and the other half is [standalone] tracks. Musically, I think it’s just another step in the right direction. It’s really heavy, it’s very melodic. It has a really epic feeling. Even though there isn’t, like, a monster, long epic track, the overall feel of the songs is very epic. I mean, there’s no ‘Dante’s Inferno’ or‘Gettysburg’ or the ‘Something Wicked’ trilogy or something like that on here, but I’m really happy with it.”

Songtitles set to appear on “Plagues Of Babylon” (among others):

Plagues of Babylon
Among The Living Dead
The Resistance
If I Could See You

ICED EARTH recently parted ways with drummer Brent Smedley for “personal family reasons.” He has since been replaced by Raphael Saini(CHAOSWAVE).

ICED EARTH has been hitting it relentlessly, with the recent studio album,“Dystopia”, being the most toured album in the band’s illustrious history.

One of the many highlights of the “World Dystopia Tour”, a headlineshow at the historic Kourion Amphitheatre in Cyprus, was recently released on Blu-ray, DVD and in many other formats under the title “Live In Ancient Kourion”.

“Dystopia” was released in October 2011 via Century Media Records. The CD marked the band’s recording debut with singer Stu Block (INTO ETERNITY), who joined ICED EARTH in March 2011 following the departure of Matt Barlow.

LILLIAN AXE Involved In Road Accident; Shows Canceled


While travelling to Texas to perform Thursday night at Trees in Dallas and Friday night at the Scout Bar in Houston, Louisiana rockers LILLIAN AXEwere involved in a vehicular accident. All members of the band are well and have been treated at local hospitals for minor and non-threatening injuries. There has been extensive damage to the band’s equipment, and as a result; this week’s performances have been canceled and will be rescheduled.

LILLIAN AXE‘s latest album, “XI: The Days Before Tomorrow”, was released in Europe on January 27, 2012 through Germany’s AFM Recordsand in North America on February 14, 2012 via CME Records.

“XI: The Days Before Tomorrow” was recorded at Sound Landing Studio in Covington, Louisiana, with the band’s guitarist/songwriter Steve Blaze acting as producer and Rob Hovey engineering. The mixing duties were handled by Sylvia Massey (TOOLJOHNNY CASHDEFTONES,SYSTEM OF A DOWNPRINCEBLACK CROWES).

BEHEMOTH: 'The Satanist' Pushed Back To 2014


“The Satanist”, the tenth full-length album from Polish extreme metallersBEHEMOTH, has had its release date pushed back to 2014 via Nuclear Blast in Europe and Metal Blade in North America. The CD was recorded at Hertz studio in Bialystok, Poland with the help of the Wieslawscybrothers and Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAHIN FLAMES,SOILWORKSTRAPPING YOUNG LAD). Songtitles set to appear on the effort include “Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel” — described by Darski as “killer” and “a monster”; “Messe Noir” (French for “The Black Mass”); and“Ora Pro Nobis, Lucifer” (Latin for “Pray For Us, Lucifer”).

Comments BEHEMOTH guitarist/vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski: “I’m listening to the new mix of the album… and it’s SPECTACULAR. If you can imagine something that beats the shit out of ‘Evangelion’, this is it!

“We shall take another six months before we put it out… Sorry, but that’s what it needs. Be patient. This album will shake the Mount Sinai!”

In a recent interview with Revolver magazine, Darski describedBEHEMOTH‘s new songs as “very atmospheric” and “very emotional.” “Think BURZUM meets NEW ORDER meets KILLING JOKE,” he added. But at the same time, fans shouldn’t expect the album to sound too far removed from BEHEMOTH‘s past efforts. “Take SLAYER, for example,”Darski said. “Whatever genre they deal with, they still end up sounding like SLAYER. Even when they were flirting with nu-metal, it was aSLAYER record. Same with BEHEMOTH.”

According to Darski, at least some of the inspiration for the newBEHEMOTH album is coming from his five-month bout of leukemia he overcame in January 2011, after receiving a bone-marrow transplant. “When I was in the hospital, I was collecting experiences and emotions,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that it’s coming out now. There are moments I catch myself thinking about how my state was back then. It was me versus life, me versus death. It definitely changed my thoughts a lot. It’s 100 percent being reflected in the record and songs I’m writing nowadays. I’m way more radical than I used to be.”

Regarding the title of the new BEHEMOTH album, Darski said, “It took us over two decades to come up with a title that… says it all.

“While our new songs artistically take surprisingly adventurous directions, our message stands steadfast — proud and radical.

‘The Satanist’ stands for undying yearning for liberation and love for freedom in all aspects of life.

“Considering all our life experiences that often took dramatic curves, I couldn’t think of more appropriate and fitting statement of who and where we are now.”

Drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (ex-DECAPITATED) recently played several shows with BEHEMOTH as the temporary replacement forZbigniew Robert Prominski (a.k.a. Inferno) who is recovering from appendix surgery.

BEHEMOTH was forced to cancel its appearance at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival due to Inferno taking ill and requiring surgery.

God Forbid, Vext, JENNCiTY & more to slay The Studio at Webster Hall

Next month Victory Records recording artist God Forbid will make their triumphant return to The Big Apple. The New Jersey metallers will join forces with NYC hard rockers VextJENNCiTY (feat. Jennifer Arroyo formerly of Kittie & Suicide City), instrumental metal act Angel Vivaldi, and Brooklyn prog rockers Crooked Man for a show at The Studio at Webster Hall on September 28th.

In addition, the event will serve as a birthday party for rock/metal personality Tim “No 37″ Martinez.

Tickets to the metallic bash go on sale this Friday (8/9) at 10 AM.

DEATH ANGEL: New Album Title, Cover Artwork Revealed


San Francisco Bay Area metallers DEATH ANGEL will release their seventh album, “The Dream Calls For Blood”, on October 11 in Eorpe (except for the U.K. where it will arrive three days later) and October 15 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2010’s “Relentless Retribution” was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof (TRIVIUMAUGUST BURNS REDTHE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERALL THAT REMAINSWHITECHAPEL,DEVILDRIVER), and once again features cover art by Brent Elliot White(JOB FOR A COWBOYCARNIFEXWHITECHAPEL).

Commented White: “Rob [CavestanyDEATH ANGEL guitarist] contacted me early on about doing this cover. He wanted a continuation of the work we did on ‘Relentless Retribution’. Kind of a complimentary piece that featured the wolf in sheep’s clothing again, only this time in some sort of frozen environment.

“I love it. I guess he’s come to be known as ‘Wolfie.’ Perfect!

“As the concepts for the album grew, so did the details and various elements for the album cover. For example, it started as a single lone wolf, though Rob thought it important to add his pack. I guess they’re somewhat symbolic of the band. The wolves look like they’ve come a long way. I can relate.

“I don’t want to try to dictate the meaning of the cover art. Suffice to say the main elements depicted in the piece are representational of the core thoughts and themes Rob poured into the album. Solar eclipse, lunar mirage, lighting from the coming storm, the killing field , blood, death, decay…those things.

“Though, at times, this one was a struggle, the album title actually pushed it to where it needed to be. I love the title, a perfect representation of the lyrics and DEATH ANGEL in general.”

Added Suecof: “Once again, my metal brothers have put out an album that truly captures their live energy and originality as a band. DEATH ANGEL has not only maintained their classic thrash element, but they’ve taken every aspect of what they can do as musicians to the next level — writing, playing and maintaining an intense vibe throughout all the tracks! I believe this is an album that will stand the test of time — not just forDEATH ANGEL fans, but for fans of all genres of metal. Enjoy!”

Stated Cavestany: “‘The Dream Calls For Blood’ is the wicked stepsister to our last album, ‘Relentless Retribution’ — but even more cruel and sinister than her! It’s the first time we connected two records — created and produced by the same team in the same studio as‘Relentless Retribution’, yet this release is more furious… probably because so much of it was written on the road.

Brent did an amazing job with the cover art, again capturing the natural brutality of the hunted becoming the hunter… as territorial instinct turns into bloodlust! Down to the last detail, his art depicts a visual that matches our music and lyrics — making a complete package that we are so proud of!

“Can’t wait for you all to hear, see and feel it. Now we prepare to bring it live!”

DEATH ANGEL will celebrate the release of its new album by performing at Slim’s in San Francisco on October 18. Also scheduled to appear are 3 INCHES OF BLOODBATTLECROSS and REVOCATION. Tickets include a copy of the new CD.

“Relentless Retribution” sold 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 10 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The band’s previous album, “Killing Season”, opened with around 2,300 units back in March 2008. This number was in line with the performance of its predecessor, “The Art of Dying”, which registered a first-week sales tally of around 2,100 back in May 2004.

THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO Sign Worldwide Recording Deal with Long Branch Records/SPV


Norwegian independent band The Low Frequency In Stereo have signed a worldwide recording deal with Long Branch Records/SPV. The yet untitled album is set to be released in Fall 2013.


Manuel Schönfeld, A&R Long Branch Records/SPV: “I’m excited to work with The Low Frequency In Stereo. Their unique sound and the constant musical development have led them to be one of today’s most innovative Scandinavian rock bands.”


Praised by the likes of David Fricke (Rolling Stone Magazine) and Michael Stipe (R.E.M) The Low Frequency In Stereo follow up their artistic triumph of the last album Futuro. The fifth incarnation of the band manifests the second consecutive collaboration with Norwegian producer Jørgen Træen (Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist, Kaizers Orchestra).


“We feel ready to make our new ‘debut’ and are aiming at making a masterpiece of a record. The vibe’s good and the rehearsals have never been as explosive and creative as they are now”, says bassist and spokesperson in the band – Per Steinar Lie.


Founded in 2001 in Haugesund on the westcoast of Norway the band has been called the band with one foot in Pompeii and one in space. They have developed from being a searching instrumental lo-fi-post-rock band that Pitchfork dubbed “Psych-Garage Dronemeisters” to a fullblown, focused and fresh sounding rock ensemble with great songs and a mix of dark atmospheres and catchy choruses.



“The music is a mixture of the long solo elements in ‘the Doors’, set to the raptide of Joy Division`s ‘transmission’ with the surf guitar twang of Dick Dale. They are the Coolest Rulers from Scandinavia!” David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine



LIVE 2013

09/08 – Øya Festival, Oslo NO

05/10 – Høvleriet, Haugesund NO

16/10 – Cafe Stift, Lillehammer NO

17/10 – Blå, Oslo NO

18/10 – Supa, Trondheim NO

24/10 – Tou Scene, Stavanger NO

25/10 – Landmark, Bergen NO

04/11 – Blue Shell, Köln DE

05/11 – Hafen 2, Offenbach DE

07/11 – Privatclub, Berlin DE

08/11 – Beatpol, Dresden DE

09/11 – Projekt 7, Magdeburg DE


Line Up

Per Steinar Lie: bass, organ, voice, guitars

Ørjan Haaland: drums, percussion, organ, voice

Hanne Andersen: organ, percussion, trumpet, voice, guitars

Njål Clementsen: guitars, organ, piano, voice

Linn Frøkedal: organ, voice


Previous Albums

The Low Frequency In Stereo (2002)

Travelling Ants Who Got Eaten By Moskus (2004)

The Last Temptation Of… (2006)

Futuro (2009)


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