While holed up in isolation, French metal band ARCANIA has put their time to good use by working on new material, including the new quarantine-Inspired song and video “Lockdown,” debuting on the band’s Facebook page today.

A new ARCANIA album was originally in the works for this year. Sadly, after months of speaking with a label partner, the band’s record deal fell through due to the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have decided to turn this frustration unto a creating process,” says guitarist/vocalist Cyril Peglion“Rather than recording our new album, the idea came to compose a new song while everyone’s locked at home. Every member tracked his parts without any rehearsal, and this is the result.”

The “Lockdown” single will be available via all digital platforms on June 10. The video is available today at their page. While there, be sure to “Like” and “Follow” ARCANIA!

ARCANIA was formed in 1999 by Cyril PeglionGabriel “Gabi” Georgelin and Guillaume Rossard. After four years and one demo, the band was faced with the tragic death of drummer Georgelin. Though it was a huge blow to the group, ARCANIA made the decision to carry on and released an EP the following year. With the addition of second guitarist Nicolas Alberny, who would go on to join fellow French metallers Gorod, the burgeoning quartet released their debut studio album, Sweet Angel Dust, in 2010. Following Alberny’s departure, ARCANIA recruited current guitarist Niko Beleg, and headed into the studio in May of 2013 to begin work on Dreams are Dead, a fierce-sounding platter of thrash metal that combines an old school feel with a modern and progressive sound.

ARCANIA -Lockdown

how to transform frustration unto creation. while the band was quarantined, we have decided to compose a new special song. Enjoy and stay safe!

Posted by ARCANIA on Monday, May 11, 2020