About Us



As the music industry tries to convince the world that rock and metal doesn’t belong, the fans of rock and metal continue to grow and support the music that has been around for years. That support for EVERYTHING rock and metal that keeps it alive and growing.

That support has turned into an energy that has turned into a beast. And that beast is BULLSPIKE Radio. A source for everything rock and metal and nothing but that.

BULLSPIKE Radio is handled by a crew that believes in what rock and metal stands for and will continue to support and bring it to the masses.

BULLSPIKE Radio has been unleashed upon the world; Rock and Metal – NO BULL!

Meet the Brothers of Rock

Bullspike Radio is run by two brothers with Muscular Dystrophy and and a love for all things rock and metal.

Jay Scorpion


 Host of The Scorpion’s Lair

Rock and metal Radio DJ &  Rock/Metal Promoter.




 Host of THE ASYLUM.

Rock and metal Radio personality, Music promoter and all around metalhead.