A Sound of Thunder Is Inducted To The Bullspike Radio Hall Of Fame

Everyone learns about bands from various places. Some from radio, some from just randomly grabbing an album in a store, and some from friends and family. We here at Bullspike Radio first learned of A Sound Of Thunder when our own Turbo was told about them by Accept singer Mark Tornillo when suggesting adding A Sound Of Thunder’s front woman Nina Osegueda to the 2016 Rock Against Dystrophy All Stars. Knowing Mark wouldn’t steer him wrong on a singer or a band he researched A Sound Of Thunder and they quickly became a regular artist played on his show The Asylum and then in our regular rotation.

Rockin since 2008, A Sound Of Thunder brings the power metal vibe we’ve come to expect from Europe stateside. They’ve rocked with some of the greats that have rolled through their hometown DC area as well as beyond. In 2017 they made headlines around the world by releasing the song “Els Segadors (The Reapers)” early to show support for the political uprising that was happening In Catalonia, Spain. This lead them to play in Europe in front of thousands and helped them reach the goal in record time for the Kickstarter campaign that helped record their latest album It Was Metal.

A Sound Of Thunder is growing in power after ten years when many bands either start to fade or just level off. Because of their constant growth, dedication to their fans, and love of the music they play that we add A Sound Of Thunder to the Bullspike Radio Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018.

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